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Approach a drum and start rhythmically hitting it with your hand. Try to change the dynamics and pace of playing – can you play quietly, slowly, quickly, or loudly? What sound is produced by the centre of the drum and what tones will you hear on the instrument’s edges? Use both of your hands alternatively. Be careful to not hit the drum’s edge with your wrists. Think where else you can tap out a rhythm without using the instrument?

Drums that you see here consists of one membrane. They also belong to a group of membranophones, that is, membrane percussion instruments. The membrane stretched over a cylinder body, which at the same time acts as a resonance box of the instrument, is the source of sound. To the most popular membranophones belong: kettledrums, drums, tambourines, and frame drums.

Drums originate from Neolithic Age and are one of the oldest instruments in the world. They were used not only for music, but also i.e. for long-distance communication in Africa, as a part of religious rites, and in battles as a psychological trick that was intended to scare the opponent.


Drums are the perfect instruments to begin experimenting with music. They allow to use child’s energy in a creative way and simultaneously train its movement co-ordination, focus, and hearing. Playing on musical playgrounds is a great test of musical abilities, as well as an inspiration for further learning how to play instruments.
Playing drums is also one of the most popular types of music making, which effectively stimulates the feeling of rhythm and pace while giving a lot of joy.

Technical data

Diameter approx. 75 cm
approx. 80 cm
Steel construction. Varnished PCV tubes with acoustic membrane
Powder paint + anti-corrosion primer
80 cm galvanized anchors recessed into the ground filled with concrete
Green (RAL 6018), violet (RAL 4006)
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