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Eco-Kitchen is a full-year outdoor device, in which the youngest ones can play their favourite game, cooking, outdoors! The Eco-Kitchen (sometimes called mud kitchen) includes mini-dishes, pots, and pans made from stainless steel which will make the game even more interesting. The device allows 6 to 8 children to have free fun by utilising the space around wooden tabletops. Outdoor kitchen allows for many games regardless of weather and season.

The device’s structure is made from steel, thanks to which the Eco-Kitchen will serve children for a longer period of time, and the tabletops are made from high quality exotic timber secured against weather conditions.


Playing in cooking is one of the most favourite children games. Emulation of activities done by adults and playing roles is an important stage in child’s social development. Children learn how to tell a story and inventing new dishes favours the natural development of creativity. The device teaches them that you don’t need finished toys to have fun – sometimes you just need leafs, grass, and stones to make an imitation of the best culinary feast! Thanks to the big dimensions of Eco-Kitchen, children have a chance to interact with their peers while at the same time learning how to co-operate, divide tasks, and solve disputes.

The device also develops manual skills and hand motor skills.


The device can be installed in both city playgrounds and in closed facilities (gardens near kindergartens, hotels, or restaurants). In case of publicly available spaces, theEco-Kitchen operates on the rule of sandbox – children bring their own moulds and toys and use only the device’s structure (without loose elements, such as pots and pans that are not permanently fixed to the structure).


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Technical data

225 cm
107 cm
Steel construction+ wooden element
Powder paint + anti-corrosion additive
75 cm galvanized anchors recessed into the ground, filled with concrete
Green (RAL 6018), oak shade
Additional information
Information plate. The unit has a declaration of conformity and a certificate in accordance with the safety standard PN-EN 1176-1. Dimensions may vary +/- 5%

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