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(Polski) HOW IT WORKS?

Approach position no. 1 and pull the rope. Next, approach position no. 2 and perform the same action. What did you observe? How much strength did you have to use in both positions to pick up the same weight? You’ve just learned how a pulley, which allows to lift great loads with use of small force, works. The amount of discs used in the machine decides how much the force necessary to lift given load will be reduced. Machines that use this rule are used in mining, well drilling, sailing, and multiple other fields. Pulley for lifting loads appeared around year 800 BC in Assyria.


Pulley in the experience park allows to understand the basic mechanisms governing physics and above all it shows the practical application of such knowledge in daily life. Pulley amazes children with the way it works and stimulates children’s curiosity in science.


Technical data

145 cm
175 cm
Steel construction. Steel pulley + steel rope
Powder painted and galvanized construction. Lift box made of stainless steel equipped with a height limiter.
Four 80 cm galvanized anchors embedded in the ground, flooded with concrete.
Green (RAL 6018)
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