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(Polski) HOW IT WORKS?

Take poster paints, water, and sponge. You can also use markers for whiteboards. Before you stands a big and empty canvas on which you will create unique paintings! And if you want to paint another painting, you just need to wash the old one with sponge. Say goodbye to kilograms of waste paper – let’s take care of environment and fate of trees together! Try to draw what you see in the background: nature, architecture, and objects. Let your imagination run wild and discover the artist-painter in you!

This device allows two or four people to have fun at the same time: stand with your friend in front of you. One person draws the face of the other person. Now switch roles and create your unique portrait. Add moustache, beard, glasses, or a crazy hairstyle!


The garden full year wall for painting is a sensory device, which develops many skills: accuracy, small motor skills, sensibility, aesthetics, and attentiveness towards the surrounding landscape. Thanks to its dimensions and transparent structure, it allows to learn co-operation in a group and build social bonds. From now on playground can become an inspiring place to develop creativity and imagination!



Technical data

approx. 100 cm
approx. 170 cm
Steel construction
Powder paint + anti-corrosion primer
Two anchors galvanized 80cm recessed in the ground, filled with concrete.
Green (RAL 6018)
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