Rzekuń (Polski) Brine Graduation Tower


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About Project

(Polski) The brine graduation tower in Rzekuń is a so-called 2-in-1, a place for fun and relaxation operating within one area.

Have you already been to the beautiful brine graduation tower in Rzekuń? This lovely place is used by residents of the entire county and tourists. You can see how much we need such ‘green’ places where we can relax and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. It is worth pointing out that walking in a brine graduation tower is particularly good for the upper respiratory tract.

The investment itself was created with funds provided by the Mazovian Voivodeship Self-Government and thanks to the support of the Poviat of Ostrołęka and the City of Ostrołęka. It is not only a place of recreation and leisure for residents, but also a showpiece for the municipality and the entire region.

The graduation tower has two zones:

  • A green area with benches,
  • A recreation area, where there is a Water Vortex and Chinese Whispers.

The whole development makes a great impression on visitors. In such places, one can feel the connection with nature and also take care of one’s mental health.

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