Gdańsk (Polski) Science&music playground


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About Project

(Polski) Science and music playgrounds develop and provide a lot of joy for both children and their parents. Now Gdańsk citizens can experience that on their own because they have 4 music and scientific playgrounds at their disposal. Such a large initiative is the result of commitment of Mr. Adam Perzyński – Headmaster of Primary School No. 27 in Gdańsk and community activist.  Science and music playgrounds are located by 4 Gdańsk Primary Schools No. 17, 27, 39 and 45. Students and residents can use musical devices thanks to which they can create an outdoor orchestra and teachers conduct open air music lessons. The playgrounds have also been equipped with scientific devices enabling children to learn through experiments. Science and music playgrounds are excellent support for educational facilities.  In addition to provide children entertainment, our playgrounds  inspire thrm to discover the laws of physics and develop their talents.

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