Interactive Playgrounds

Did you know that since 70’s playgrounds consist of the same elements as a swing, carousel, slide and sandpit? We know that children need activity and to release the of excess energy, but at the same time they need stimulation of other senses, development of creativity, logical thinking and many other skills. Children deserve a variety of toys in their area. That is why we have created the ​​Interactive Playgrounds, which on one hand will provide inspiring fun, on the other hand, encourage the youngest to experiment and acquire knowledge. We help children become young Explorers!

You can choose a themed set of interactive devices ( devices) or complete your own set.

Scientific Playground – sample elements:

and many others!

Sensory Playground

For smaller children, we recommend these devices that affect the development of all the senses, as well as stimulate small motor skills. Examples of elements:

and many others!

See for yourself that a playground can become an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!

producent sensorycznych placów zabaw


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