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The Edu Playgrounds brand is a part of polish company Park Interakcje Sp. z o.o. – a manufacturer of science, musical and sensory playgrounds.
The company was established in 2012 from the EU`s,,Innovative economy” – program.

From the beginning, our goal was to create an alternative to traditional playgrounds. We are aware that swings, slides or sandboxes are extremely important in the development of children but at the same time we think that it is always worth to think out of the box creating innovative solutions.

Our mission

Meaningful inclusive outdoor play that integrates the whole family regardless of gender, age and physical abilities- this is our mission!

We make sure that play at our playgrounds and science parks is multidimensional by:

  • encouraging experimenting with science
  • involving all senses
  • developing motor skills
  • including people with disabilities
  • encouraging the whole family to play together

Our playgrounds and science parks are open to the public and available all year round. They function not only as a places of meaningful play, but also as a family tourist attraction.

Currently, our company is entering the foreign markets – we are the process of signing contracts with distributors in other countries.

What makes us special?

How to design something that will please both children, teenagers and adults? We decided to check it ourselvs! Before we have started to manufature scientific playgrounds, we gained several years experience by creating an original mobile science park. We have produced over 100 various devices that have been used by thousands of participants throughout Poland! Thanks to mass events using our educational devices, we have found out which attractions children like best and how they affect their development.

What is important to us?

Children and their real needs are for us the most important determinant of our actions. Therefore, apart from scientific devices, we decided to introduce to our offer sensory devices that engage all of the senses. Our offer includes also music devices that shape sensitivity and affect the work of both cerebral hemispheres.

Who is inspiring us

We are constantly educating ourselves in the subject of modern education and try to apply these methods to our designs. We are inspired by the methodology of Maria Montessori, André Stern and Ken Robinson. These educators have one thing in common: the belief that the child is a full citizen and learns best through experience.

Who are we cooperating with?


Our offer is good solution for companies that want to make their offer more unique and diverse without risking ordering a stock of products. We are also very elastic and client orientated so our partner can count on individual approach.

Schools and kindergartens

Play is an integral part of children`s development and playground is a place where children broaden their horizons, develop cognitive skills, imagination and motor skills. Therefore, a large part of our projects are created for schools and kindergartens throughout the country. Our devices are a great didactic support for teachers – they can present knowledge in an interesting and engaging way through experiments.

Cities and municipalities

Large, medium and small cities, as well as villages are increasingly investing in public attractions for families. Outdoor gyms, rope parks and many other attractions that improve the quality of life of the local community are created. Our science parks fit perfectly into the landscape of urban parks (in the form of educational paths) or undeveloped green areas that the city wants to restore for its residents.

Housing associations

An attractive playground in the neighbourhood has a huge impact on the quality of life and well-being of families with children. Children have unlimited access to play near their own home and parents have a spot where they can relax and build bonds with neighbors. Studies show also that close access to the playground increases the value of the property and the attractiveness of the location.


The design process of a new playground must take into account many factors, such as community needs, landform features and surrounding neighborhood. At each stage of cooperation with the architect, we advise which devices will work best in a certain location. For example, if there are residential buildings next to the designed playground (in close proximity), we sometimes even advise not to apply some solutions, caring for the good of all residents. We provide architects with DWG files, we also help in creating technical documentation and guidelines for the investor.

Why work with us?

We have experience supported by successes
The best guarantee of our experience are the successes we achieved , including:
• Winning in the AIP Seed Capital Fund competition from the Innovative Economy program
• Our company was chosen as one of the “20 most innovative Polish companies that were created during the crisis” – Trendbook F5 magazine
• Nomination for the title “Start-up of the Year 2012” – Polska Przedsiębiorcza
• PARP distinction as one of the 51 most innovative companies
• As the only company in Poland, we have created smog and low emission thematic playgrounds for the PGNiG Foundation.

Technology and quality

We use the highest quality components in the production process of playgrounds. We want the devices that children, teenagers and adults use on a daily basis to be durable, resistant to damage and, above all, safe. We work only with proven suppliers of components and authorized assembly services.

Certified and safe devices
As a playground manufacturer we are directly responsible for the safety of users. There are no shortcomings here, which is why each of our devices has certificates of compliance with the UE PN-EN 1176 standard.

Cooperation based on building relationships

According to the opinions of our customers, our biggest advantage, in addition to the unique offer and quality, is our style of cooperation. We base it on professional advice, flexibility, commitment and a high level of organizational culture. We can confidently say that our clients like us and can count on us in every situation!

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