The idea of Green Classrooms.
Children long for contact with nature. Due to a strong scarcity of natural surroundings, they find it increasingly difficult to concentrate and the quality of their memory deteriorates. If you...
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A playground that integrates children with disabilities – what do we need to remember?
An inclusive playground is one where every child, regardless of age, gender, culture or physical ability, can play, exercise and enjoy the outdoors equally. Supporting this idea has always been...
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How do our playgrounds support learning and develop creativity?
You only have to look at the children playing to see that playing is more than just moments filled with joy..... It is also an important training in perseverance, concentration...
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Outdoor orchestra on the playground – creative entertainment and development in one!
The research results are clear: toddlers who frequently listen to melodies and sounds, play instruments, sing and dance - are generally more intelligent than their peers who have limited contact...
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Outdoor Education
In Poland, we have been hearing more and more about Outdoor Education . The mission of this type of education is to spend as much time as possible with children...
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5 tips to help you choose the best playground supplier
How to choose a playground supplier for your projec? You can announce a public tender and simply decide on the cheapest offer, but ... it's not always the best solution....
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Safety at the playground – what to take into account when planning its construction
Playground - a place of recreation, education and play, where the children spend a lot of free time. Therefore, we can not forget about the most important issue, which is...
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Mud kitchen – a place of fun, learning and experimenting
Nowadays childhood is full of haste, filled with electronics and hundreds of colorful toys, but in all this hustle and bustle it's easy to forget about simple games that have...
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Why playground is such an important space in development of a child?
Did you know that space can stimulate or disturb person’s development and even has a direct impact on his/her mood? Person’s environment is created not only the space development, but...
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Experience Park – what is that?
Experience Park is an idea for innovative development of green spaces such as city parks, squares, and recreational and tourism areas. The Experience Park consists of interactive devices that stimulate...
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Sensory Playgrounds
Sensory Playgrounds develop not only senses, but also influence a better co-operation in a group, development of imagination, and encourage to learning by playing. We are a Polish manufacturer of...
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Musical Playgrounds
Music is present everywhere, but children rarely have an opportunity to create their own melodies on fresh air. How can we contribute to the development of hearing, creativity, and imagination...
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