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Would you like to encourage children to play in the garden all year round? Are you looking for a PREMIUM attraction alternative to plastic garden toys? Choose the multifunctional Eu-Genius Kitchen!


We all have our passions and hobbies, and children, too. Seeing the children’s interest in Eu-Genius Kitchen, we discovered that we could also offer them something more “technical”. This is how we came up with the idea for a Workshop that inspires and encourages construction and experimentation. There is no single, ready-made play instruction here – it’s all up to the children’s imagination!

We have had many discussions with parents, educators, and owners of family-friendly places to create a reliable attraction for years. As a result of these discussions, Eu-genius Kitchen was created, followed shortly after by the Workshop. Both devices are alternatives to plastic garden toys and wooden, flimsy playgrounds.


Let the children experiment! Sand, water, mud? It’s possible in our kitchen, without compromising the durability and appearance of the kitchen.

  • The removable 2 stainless steel compartments provide opportunities for lots of play, both wet and dry. How can you use it? – Pour in kinetic sand and practice sensory skills
  • Tap and the possibility to connect the back water tank (available to buy as an extra) – of course, you can connect the tap to a garden hose, but remember that the world’s water supply is shrinking. We recommend collecting and using rainwater for water play – build environmental awareness from a young age
  • 2 sliding shelves – you can put pots of herbs, and containers of accessories (crayons, cutlery, paints, brushes, etc.) on them.
  • A large worktop – we spent a lot of time sizing this up and from our research, we found that the most important thing in a children’s garden kitchen is… the worktop! Most kitchens, unfortunately, have too small worktops, which prevents a lot of playtimes (e.g. experiments, painting with paints, etc.).
  • Milled burners to imitate a gas cooker – you can put pots and pans here and cook, but you can also use this space as an extra work surface
  • 4 movable burners
  • Oven with a door with a window and a shelf in the middle of the oven – in addition to baking mud pies, you can treat the shelf as a cupboard for storing toys. No more hiding toys in the house from the rain!
  • Lower shelf – a well-designed kitchen has plenty of storage space. This is where you can fit all your garden play accessories.

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Technical data

150 cm
86 cm
HPL boards, stainless steel equipment
High-pressure laminate protected by polyurethane-acrylic resin layers on both sides
Free-standing or with ground anchors
Additional information
The unit has a declaration of conformity and the certificate in accordance with the safety standard PN-EN 1176-1. Dimensions may vary +/- 5%"

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