Experience Park – what is that?

Can an urban park be a space for relaxation, education and creativity? Can it become a unique attraction of the region? Or maybe you are looking for a business idea and want to create an outdoor eductation center? Bet on an interactive park of experiences!

Families are increasingly looking for unusual forms of recreation. When traveling on a trip, they want to not only visit the beautiful old town or museum, but also to provide their children interesting experiences, combined with education. Experience Park is a place where children will not be bored!

The open-air museum will provide great entertainment and learning through play. You can touch each exhibit, run it and learn about the laws of nature through the individual experimentation.

Until now, city parks were equipped with benches, fountains, and nature monuments. Recently, you can also work out in the outdoor gym. It is worth to equip this space with educational devices and in addition to muscle training, practice the mind as well! We suggest creating an educational path, which may consist of several thematic zones, located in different parts of the park.

Experience park will influence the positive image of the city among residents and tourists as a city that cares for the comprehensive development of the child and provides innovative ways of spending free time in the city.

Our exhibits are year-round, resistant to weather conditions and carefully produced so that they will enjoy residents and tourists for many years!



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